How we scaled Google Ads account 13x while maintaining high ROI?

Here we’ll show you how we managed to increase Google Ads spend for 13x, from €30,000 to €400,000 per month while staying way below CPA targets and maintaining profitability.

Google Ads


Our client is a major European Online Casino & Betting operator who launched a new market and called us for help.


Client was unable to scale Google Ads account further themselves due to lack of resources and experience in the team so we took over Google Ads management. They wanted to scale account further as quickly as possible but to be very cautious with profitability and CPAs.


  • Scaling FTDs and registrations from Google Ads
  • Maintaining ROI and continuously being within CPA targets


When we took their Google Ads account, we did an audit and found out one of pretty common mistakes nowadays - structure was pretty much broad, a lot of traffic was coming through just a minor number of broad match ad groups which of course blocked scalability. This is what we’ve seen very often enforced by Google representatives or marketing managers with eCommerce background but it doesn’t work for iGaming. Not at all in this way. 

We immediately did a Search Query report review and created a new account structure plan where we splitted products, games and types of queries in a way that allows us to test what’s working and optimize it accordingly. 

We created a gradual campaign release plan for following weeks which allowed us to optimize them while not inflating overall CPA. Steps are always the most important part and being patient at the beginning.

We released new campaign groups in stages and ensured that account grew to €400,000+ while being way below CPA targets for both Sportsbook and Casino product. 

*In keeping with our commitment to client confidentiality and our company policy, we do not reveal the names of our 
clients with case studies


The results below are compared to the campaign results from the year before.
increase in First Time Deposits from Google Ads