How we decreased Paid Social Acquisition CPA in a half while scaling FTDs and Registrations

In this case study, we will show you how we halved our First Time Deposit (FTD) Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for social media and scaled the account by 5x through a systematic restructuring.

Paid Social
Karaman Digital - Case studyKaraman Digital - Case study


Major European Online Casino operator


Client wanted to scale FTDs and registrations while simultaneously lowering CPAs. Even though this was achieved with a holistic approach, the biggest impact had ad account restructure. The biggest challenge was that the ad account had many active ads showing different games and promotions through many ad sets which had overlapping audiences.


  • Maximizing FTDs and registrations
  • Achieving profitability on Social media


When we conducted an account audit, we found a very common mistake: an overly granular account with many different ads and ad sets, overlapping audiences, and a misaligned naming convention that hindered growth and the optimization of ads.

We analyzed the existing audiences and consolidated them into a broader audience pool. By merging ad sets and audiences, we minimized overlap and gave the Meta algorithm room to optimize.

We carried out several A/B tests for different custom audiences, placements, and new creatives. We also experimented with bidding strategies and discovered that bidding on CPA for registrations was more effective than the 'maximize conversions' approach initially set by the client.

With these new insights and audiences, we were able to create multiple ad sets and ads without overlap, ensuring we did not compete against ourselves. Developing a long-term content and promotion plan facilitated further account structure planning. Alongside the design team, we worked to align our creatives with the brand book and it all combined resulted in a huge growth of the account.

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The results below are compared to the campaign results from the year before.
YoY increase in FTDs (acquisition) from Social Media
increase in deposits (retention) from Social Media
Ad sets exit learning phases
Increase in conversions