Breaking New Ground: Leading Our Client to Their Initial Positive EBITDA Moment

This case study, which stands as one of our proudest partnerships and most notable successes, exemplifies the impact of effective collaboration. We helped them register a 60% growth in User Acquisition (FTDs) while lowering CPAs. Additionally, we aided our client in boosting their Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) by 50% year on year. Through our strategic interventions and cost-optimization measures, they reached a positive EBITDA for the first time and have since sustained it.

Marketing Strategy


Our client, a leading Central European Online Casino operator, encountered numerous marketing challenges and turned to our expertise for solutions.


The client was grappling with high Cost per First-Time Depositors (CPAs) and very limited scalability. Additionally, they lacked a comprehensive understanding of player values across different marketing channels, leading to uncertainty in determining the appropriate cost for acquiring new players.


  • Reducing overall CPA while scaling FTDs 
  • Increasing GGR and ensure that we’re bringing high quality players
  • Understanding quality of players and profitability of marketing channels


Upon taking responsibility for our client's marketing activities, our initial audit identified several areas needing improvement. First, we focused on optimizing bottom-funnel channels and temporarily suspended prospecting channels like display and native networks to decrease the overall CPA. Despite utilizing multiple digital marketing channels, none adhered to the iGaming industry's stringent optimization standards, resulting in high CPAs.

We overhauled the Google and Facebook accounts, adjusted seasonality bids for payday period when conversion rate is higher, purged irrelevant keywords from Google Ads, and undertook other cleanup measures to align these channels with the specific demands of the iGaming and betting industry.

In tandem, we worked with the Business Intelligence (BI) team to establish KPIs and create the first Lifetime Value model (LTV) and define margin per player. This was instrumental in defining target CPAs and understanding marketing channel's breakeven point.

Our collaboration with the Organic Social team on content strategy and amplification reached previously untapped audiences, allowing us to reactivate prospecting channels like display and social prospecting.

We aligned marketing channels with industry standards, ensured accurate tracking and attribution across platforms, and set new CPA targets based on the LTV model developed with the BI team. The results were impressive and it goes without saying that our relationship with this client remains strong and enduring, breaking records from month to month.

*In keeping with our commitment to client confidentiality and our company policy, we do not reveal the names of our 
clients with case studies


The results below are compared to the campaign results from the year before.
First Time Ever
Positive EBITDA
increase in overall FTDs each month (YoY)
Increase of GGR year on year