Doubling New User GGR just by Refining Tagging Strategy

A client approached us, faced with the challenge of scaling user acquisition and struggling to comprehend the commercial contribution of each marketing channel. Their UTM structure was misaligned, and channels were incorrectly mapped.

Marketing Strategy


A major European Online Casino operator with ambitious growth plans.


The client had invested a significant marketing budget across multiple digital channels but lacked clarity on performance at the campaign/ad level for Social and Display, and at the keyword level for Google Ads. This lack of visibility resulted in an exceedingly high CPA.


  • Conduct a tracking audit to ensure proper channel tagging.
  • Obtain conversion data down to the campaign/ad group/keyword level in the client’s Data Warehouse / Power BI.
  • Allocate budgets to the highest performing channels, campaigns, and keywords


When we took over our client's accounts, we first conducted a tracking audit, examining UTMs across channels and their integration with the Data Warehouse. Subsequently, we developed a UTM standard sheet to ensure consistent parameters across all channels.

To dynamically pull campaign names, ad groups, and keyword parameters, we implemented dynamic URL parameters for social media and ValueTrack parameters for Google campaigns. Collaborating with the BI team and Data Warehouse ensured accurate data retrieval in the DWH and its proper display on the data visualization platform.

Working closely with the BI team, we created dashboards that provided visibility into conversions (Sign-Ups, FTDs) and player values, even at the keyword level. This enabled our client to reallocate budgets to the most profitable channels more effectively, significantly save on budget, and helped to double the GGR from new users year over year.


The results below are compared to the campaign results from the year before.
GGR YoY From New Players