How we decreased Snapchat Paid Acquisition CPA by 72%

In this case study we showcase how we decreased Cost per FTD by 72% and Cost per Registration by 65% during the few months of low season.

Paid Social


Major European Online Casino operator


Client was already advertising through Snapchat but paid acquisition CPA was almost 3x higher than their target CPA, so the primary goal was to decrease cost per registration and FTD. One of the big challenges they had was not setting pixel event properly. 


  • Decreasing CPA


We implemented a 'Registration' pixel event for Snapchat within GTM and rigorously tested it to ensure optimal functionality.

Initially, we advertised using Snapchat's predefined audience. Although this audience was limited, our primary objective during this phase was to gather as much data as possible. We experimented with two distinct interest groups, various custom audiences, and multiple lookalikes. To amplify our reach, we updated these parameters monthly.

Drawing from our insights gained from other social media channels, we leveraged winning creatives on Snapchat after adjusting them to meet platform-specific requirements. This strategic move allowed us to conserve both budget and time typically spent on extensive testing. Our experience confirmed that creatives successful on other platforms often resonated well on Snapchat too.

By striking a harmonious balance between reach and lookalike audiences, and combining it with our top-performing campaign, we also successfully attracted valuable VIP players.


The results below are compared to the campaign results from the year before.
Decrease in Cost Per FTD