How we doubled Paid Social Reach in 4 months with just 11% additional investment

In this case study we explore the path to 99% increase in Paid Social Reach. We achieved it through implementation of a long-term content and promotions strategy which we aligned with a new unique account and audience structure.

Paid Social


Major European Online Casino Operator.


Client wanted to increase engagement and gain more social proof. The challenge was striking the right balance to avoid overwhelming audience with too many boosted posts and active promotions, while ensuring increased visibility and correct creatives rotation.


  • Increase reach and engagement


When we took over Client’s account, we noticed that there was focus mostly on conversion campaigns with high frequencies, while other campaigns had short schedule with a lot of different promotions and messaging.

We created new audience groups with minimal overlaps and conducted several A/B tests. 

Using pixel-based and list-based retargeting we ensured that our visitors and players get the right promotions which we adjusted accordingly to them. 

Creating a long-term content and promotion plan was crucial to adapt different promotions to time period and account structure.

With the design team we worked on aligning our creatives to brand book while ensuring enough templates for adequate ad (creative) rotation.

In order to make stronger messages and USPs, we merged different promotions on  certain banners and tested it vs. welcome bonus only banners. That resulted in significant increase of CTRs and decrease of CPM. 

Also, we took advantage of Carousel ads and videos to showcase different bonuses and promotions.

We combined engagement and conversion campaigns to get more comments and reactions on our ads.
With the right content management and schedule, we also ensured active strategy for brand awareness and traffic objectives.
Through four-month period we doubled Paid reach with only 11% higher budget compared to previous period.

By comparing previous period with the first four month since we took over the account we got additional results of: 


The results below are compared to the campaign results from the year before.
increase of post reactions
increase in comments on posts
increase in post saves and 200% increase in post shares